The Definitive Guide to the Most Collectible Maps in Destiny 2

Bungie’s first-person shooter franchise has become synonymous with maps, but some of the most famous are still around.

From iconic locations like the Lost City and The Pillar to some more obscure ones like the Hive, Destiny 2’s maps have long been the stuff of legend.

Here’s everything you need to know about the maps that will be the heart of your adventures.


The Hive: A new and terrifying place that’s been a hub of intrigue for years.

The Lost City’s Hive is the home to the most powerful of the Hive’s warriors, the Hive Queen, who wields the power of the Fallen, an elite group of Fallen that serve as the Guardians’ greatest weapon against Hive threats.

The game’s final boss, the legendary Leviathan, can only be defeated by a Guardian who has the final Hive Queen’s power.

You can find more info on the Hive and its history here.


The Temple of the Mummy: A place where all is dark and terrible, where you’ll find your destiny and the promise of revenge.

The temple’s secrets are best left to a young girl named Molly, who is forced to watch the fate of her family hang in the balance by the power that lies in her grasp.

Molly has the ability to turn into a powerful creature, known as a Spectre, which is a new class introduced in Destiny.

She’ll take on all the challenges of the temple and will be able to unlock new abilities and skills.

The Tomb of Sargeras: A tomb that houses a massive treasure chest and a number of other items that can only unlocked after completing the story, which begins in The Reef.

The chest is a place of immense importance in the game, and the treasure it holds is incredibly valuable.

The story ends in The Temple, which leads into the Mantle of Responsibility, a massive map with multiple paths and objectives.


The Reef: A mysterious place where you can find your way to a new location and new allies, and you can also find a few treasures and more enemies than you could ever hope to kill.

The first three locations you’ll be exploring in Destiny’s story mode: The Reef, The Mantle, and The Valley of the Two Moons.

All three locations are open-world environments, and are designed to keep you guessing.

The Vale of Eternal Shambles is a large area where you and your allies can battle against waves of enemies.

The Manta Merveil is a giant island where you find a hidden, hard-to-find treasure.

The Valley is a sprawling open-plan environment that you can use to your advantage.

The Shrine of Sacrifice is a big, open area where Guardians can pray to the Hive.

The tombstones you’ll uncover in each location are the most important to your progress, and they are a place where some of Destiny 2 ‘s most interesting new weapons and skills will be found.


The Serpentis: A dangerous place where a great power is waiting to tear itself from your grasp.

Destiny 2 introduces the Serpentis, a brand-new class of Fallen known as the Fallen Watchers, who are among the most feared of all.

These Fallen can use their skills to transform into more powerful versions of themselves and can even steal their abilities from others.

The Watchers can be found on various missions throughout the game.

For example, they can summon the Fallen to fight against Guardians, and it’s a good idea to bring along a few Fallen Watcher Guardians, so you can get a feel for how powerful these Fallen are.


The Garden of Eden: A small town populated by a diverse group of people.

The Gardens of Eden are a major hub for players to gather, build their own houses, and play a variety of games.

These games will require a lot of dedication and a lot more luck, but you can make friends there and get a great reward for your efforts.

You’ll also be able visit the Garden to learn more about the history of the place, including a new mission where you need a team to help defeat a Fallen in the Garden.


The Great Sea: A world full of mysterious places, deadly monsters, and amazing sights.

The ocean of Destiny is the most captivating part of the game’s gameplay.

Every now and then, you’ll need to explore a new island, where the sea will rise up to engulf you.

Destiny players will need to be careful, however, because there are also waves of enemy Guardians who will try to kill you if they can get their hands on your weapons.

The Fallen can attack from underwater, and there are a number special attacks that can be used to destroy the enemies’ attacks.


The Ruins of Akh Afras: The final stronghold of the Reef.

A sprawling, open-air hub of activity that you’ll explore for a variety to earn XP and gear.

You will also unlock a new ability called “The Watcher,” which will allow you to turn invisible and use stealth to ambush enemies.