An antique gas pump in a garage

The last time a gas pump was in this position was in the 1970s, and the pump is in an antique garage on a quiet cul-de-sac in the city of San Diego, California.

“This is the first pump that’s been there for 40 years,” said Matt DeSantis, a San Diego City Councilman and a veteran antique gas supplier.

“I’ve been doing this since the ’70s, so I’ve seen it a lot,” he said.

The pump has been on the block for a couple of years, but when the building was built in 1962, it had to be removed because the gas lines were not up to code.

“There were gas lines everywhere,” said DeSantson, who also owns a gas station in the same neighborhood.

“The city would not let us use the street, so we had to move it.”

The city has been trying to find a replacement since, and it took three years to find one.

“We had a lot of other options, but we weren’t able to find the one that fit our needs,” DeSantos said.

“So we did it ourselves.”

The pump, built in 1929, is part of the San Diego Public Library’s collection.

DeSante said it is one of only three gas pumps in San Diego with a vintage gas line that is still intact.

He said it’s a good source of inspiration for people who are trying to save a gas supply.

“When you’ve got a gas line on a building that’s in bad shape, it’s going to have some real problems,” he told NBC News.

“It’s the same thing with this gas pump.

It’s going, ‘Oh, it just broke.

We’ve got to go get it repaired.'”

The gas line is one part of a larger collection, which includes a pump and an engine room, a car, and a garage door.

The museum is hoping to get the gas pump out of storage, and restore it to its original condition.

The first time the gas was on the street was in 1978, and DeSanto said it has only been used once before.

The garage was closed for a time because of the gas supply, and people in the neighborhood are upset about the situation.

“Everybody’s angry,” De Santis said.