Antique records player is worth $600,000 in auction

The antiques record player is valued at $600 million in a recent auction, and that means it is worth at least $1.6 million today.

The seller is a California man who called himself ‘Old Nick,’ according to the online auction site.

The seller, who goes by Old Nick, said he was buying the antique record player for $5,000.

It is in a safe in his home, according to auctioneer Gary Cramer.

“The only reason I wanted it is to make sure it is in perfect condition,” he told ABC News.

“It’s not like it was in a museum.

It’s a nice looking record player.”

The seller has also been collecting antique weapons for the past 15 years.

He was first introduced to antique guns when he got a box of M1917 Browning machine guns, which he said he didn’t have to go to the range to shoot.

The box contained a box cutter, a pocket knife and other weapons, according of the auction listing.

Old Nick bought the antique gun from a man named Bob Krumbau in 1991, when Krumbrau was living in New Mexico.

He said he never had any trouble finding his old weapons and said the weapons were rare.

The auction website lists a “tour of” with the auctioneer, who said he could not guarantee the authenticity of the items, but that the records were authentic.

The collection includes a record player from an antique store in the 1960s and a set of 12 gold rings from a jewelry shop in the 1980s.

The auction house did not disclose the buyer’s name, but the auction house said that he was from Los Angeles, California, and had no other known contact with the seller.