This is what I got from my first antique fridge

Antique refrigerator, antiques door knob, antique fridge: What you need to know.

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Antique refrigerator and antique door knob, an antique refrigerator.

(via Antique fridge)A vintage refrigerator, an antiques refrigerator, antique door knobby, antique refrigerator: Antiques fridge is such a beautiful, classic item.

It’s such a perfect piece of history.

This antique refrigerator is really quite beautiful, too.

You know, like an antique car.

We were actually really excited when we first saw this antiques fridge.

I remember looking in the back of the garage and seeing it, and I was like, “Oh my God, it’s just so beautiful.”

The door knobbler, I was really looking forward to this, because it’s a very specific door knuckle.

I mean, it is a very unique piece of hardware, but it’s also very, very old.

And the refrigerator itself was a very, really nice piece of furniture.

We didn’t really think that it would be in such good condition, because there were no antiques in it.

But when we saw it, it was just so, so perfect.

And then we were like, Wow!

There’s a refrigerator in this place!

It’s so cool.

It took a few months to actually find the right antique fridge.

We actually went to a lot of antique stores, and we went to all the antique showrooms in the area and we were really looking at all the different antique refrigerator pieces and then we realized, well, I can’t find anything.

It just wasn’t in stock.

We went out to the internet, and on the internet we found an antique fridge that we thought would be really cool.

And we called our friends at Home Depot and we said, “Hey, this is really cool!

This is really good, but what are we going to do with it?”

And they were like “We’re going to donate it to a museum!”

And we thought, well of course we would donate it.

We just thought that we’d really like to have it as a permanent exhibit.

So we took it out and we took the front, we took everything in the rear and we had it back and then I went and put it on display, because we really wanted to make sure that it was there.

The display of the refrigerator was really, really good.

It had a very different feel to it than the original, which is really, it just looks very antique.

It looks like the fridge itself was built by a carpenter.

The refrigerator is just really beautiful.

It’s kind of a shame that it’s so fragile.

We’ve seen this in other museums.

There’s some very fragile things that are kept in the museums, but this is the first time that we’ve seen a refrigerator that’s just completely untouched.

It was just like, we’re not going to take this out of this place.

It should be preserved and preserved well.

There was one other piece that was actually in the fridge, which was the door knob.

The door knob was the only piece that we had, and it was broken, but I still love the knob.

It made me laugh.

It would have been cool to have a piece like that.

It really is an antique piece of technology.

There are so many things in this thing that are antique, but they were just sitting in the garage, and now they’re back in the museum.

We thought, oh my gosh, that’s amazing.

I love the fact that the door knuckles and the refrigerator are so, really, like, so, old.

I really like the fact, I’ve been living in this house for the last 20 years, and every year that I’m going to be going out, I’m like, oh, this might be my last year, I might be going to a different house, so I don’t know, it might be that time.

And it is.

I’m really excited.

We really hope that this will be a really, very cool piece of nostalgia, and maybe some of the people who see it will even come back and visit the house and talk to us.

We wanted to put the fridge on display so that people would recognize it.

This is not something that you find in a museum, you know, you can find this stuff in a garage.

This stuff is on display in the Antiques Furniture and Home Improvement Museum in San Francisco.

And so, we were hoping that people might recognize this.

And I was very excited when people did recognize it and they were actually quite happy with it, too, because they were able to say, “Wow, that was a cool, vintage refrigerator.”