The oldest, most expensive home ever built is on the market

A family has put their home on the auction block for more than £100,000.

The weller antique chest is built on the former site of the Weller House in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was purchased by a private collector for £8.6m.

The family says the chest is “very much a part of the heritage of the community and its well worth preserving”.

“The weller has been the source of much pride to the family and many of the family members are members of the weller club, which has a strong interest in the heritage,” the family said in a statement.

It was purchased in 2015 for £10.5m by a former member of the group, and now the family is selling it on behalf of the public.

The chest was built in 1888, but it is not the oldest and most expensive piece in the family’s collection, which includes a collection of antiques and furniture dating back to the early 19th century.

“The family believes that this home will be well worth the time and effort required to complete the restoration,” the statement said.

The home was purchased for £6.8m by the family, and has already sold for £14.5 million, including a £1.2m mortgage on the property.

The house, which was once the home of a weller, is being sold to the public in a “private sale” with no purchase price listed.

“We are pleased to announce that the well-known Weller family has sold the property to the Scottish Heritage Trust for £7.5million, which will allow the restoration to proceed,” the company said.

“This property is situated in the heart of Edinburgh and was the first Weller estate built in Scotland, which in turn is the oldest residence in Scotland and the first estate in the United Kingdom to have a Weller as its head of residence.”

The Weller house was built on a site formerly occupied by the Welles, who had settled in Edinburgh and opened a brewery in 1884.

The Welles family died in 1885, and their house is currently the home to a collection and exhibition space for the museum.