Which antique watches are you most excited about?

Antique watches can be pretty cool.

They’re pretty expensive, too.

The most expensive vintage watch you can buy is a $25,000 Patek Philippe chronograph from the 1940s, which is probably the most expensive watch you could buy in history.

But what’s the coolest thing about an antique watch?

What about a piece of art?

It might be an art piece, it might be a piece in a jewelry store, it could be a gift from a loved one, but there’s no better way to spend an hour and a half of your life than to sit and look at a watch that you’ve never seen before.

It’s like getting to watch a new film.

It makes you appreciate that it’s still alive, and maybe even watch a few minutes of a film from the 70s.

You could even see it in its original color.

This is a collection of some of my favorite vintage watches.

If you’re a collector, you should definitely check them out.