Disney/ABC Animation ‘The Snow Queen’ to Hit Broadway in 2019

Disney and ABC are announcing a new musical about the life and times of the queen.

It will star Sarah Polley and will begin previews on March 3 at the Broadway premiere of The Snow Queen at the Royal Albert Hall.

The production is the second stage of a three-year partnership with The Royal Shakespeare Company.

“The Snow King is a living, breathing character, and she has a lot to say about our time in this world,” said Anna Anthropy, Disney/Theatrical Arts Chair at The Royal Albert, where the new musical will be produced.

“In the song, we tell the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, which is as much about her personality as her accomplishments.”

The Snow King will be written and produced by Stephen Spender and written by Anna Anthrop.

It was directed by Scott McCall, who also worked on The Lion King.

The show will be based on the novel by Robert Graves, which tells the story about the reign of Queen Victoria and its aftermath.

The Snow Kings will debut at the BAFTA and Tony Awards in January.

The premiere is the first time the show will have a musical number at the ceremony.

Polley plays Queen Victoria, and her wife, Queen Mary (Antonietta Polley), plays Queen Anne.

Polleys and Polleys husband, David Polley, are sisters.

Polseys first Broadway hit, the musical The Adventures of Tintin, was nominated for a Tony Award in 2013 for best musical.

It won best play.

Polry was nominated last year for best actress for her portrayal of Elizabeth in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Polley and Polleys brother, the composer, composer Peter, are also on the show.