How antique mirrors can be a bargain on eBay

This antique mirror from the 1800s can be sold for as little as $1,500 on eBay.

The mirror is from the family of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Allen, and is one of three of the many items the family collected and used for their home in 1876.

A photo of the mirror has been featured in a popular book about their home, “Home of the Bunnies,” by writer J.M. Coetzee.

The mirrors are not the only items from their home that are being sold on eBay, and other items from the Allen family are also available for purchase.

In fact, the Allens’ home is now a part of a new auction on eBay for a total of $5,600,000.

The auction is being held in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art’s “Selling the Pieces” exhibition, which opens on March 1.

There are also two other auction events scheduled for March 8 and 9.