Waverly’s antique wax bar cart gets new owner

Waverlys antique wax shop in Waverley, California, has been in a closed down state of disrepair for decades. 

The wax shop is one of two remaining wax factories in the country. 

Waverlys owner Michael Loeffler says he was frustrated by the lack of progress. 

“It was a total loss.

It was a complete loss,” Loefler said. 

He says the shop has been closed since December. 

But the wax company behind the wax shop, Waverlin Wax, is back. 

In 2017, Loefely was working on a plan to build a new factory and opened the doors to Waverlyn’s first store. 

Now, Weverlys wax company is ready to reopen and make a comeback. 

Loeffly says Waverls new wax bar has been named the Waverlins most coveted wax bar, and is now the largest wax maker in the world. 

And now, he’s hoping for more interest. 

If you have any questions about Waverlis wax shop or have any information about the company, you can contact the Weverlins Wax Company at (818) 756-7000.