‘Totally creepy’: An antique barbers chair and a pair of brass lamp

By Lauren Stapleton The classic barbershop has been transformed into an eerie museum.

The antique barters chair, a 19th century chair with a wood frame and metal handle, was recently gifted to the museum by the owner.

The brass lamp, an antique clock with a clock face and a silver case, is on display in the museum’s collection.

A rare book of the 19th and 20th century, the book features a map of London, the name of a barber who used to be on the barbers’ premises, and the date and time it was published.

The book was donated to the National Gallery of Victoria in 2015, and was made by the artist who created the book, Stephen Hutton.

In a blog post, Hutton said he wanted to give the book back to the public, “to make a living from it”.

He explained he found the book on eBay and purchased it for $5,000 in 2009.

“When I first saw it, I thought it was a strange little book.

I knew nothing about the barber’s shop, and I didn’t know anything about the clock,” he said.

“The fact that it’s a Victorian antique means it was made in the Victorian era.”

The book is one of the most popular items in the collection, and is also on display at the Victorian National Museum.

In 2014, the museum held a fundraising event for the book to benefit the museum, which also has a Victorian-themed exhibition, titled Victorian Art: The Forgotten Arts.

The museum’s curator, Claire Dolan, said she had received multiple emails from people interested in buying the antique barbs chair and the lamp, asking if they could have the book.

“I think a lot of people would say, ‘No, that’s a bit creepy.

You don’t want to be here,'” she said.

She said the museum would keep the book in storage and “would never sell it to anyone”.

But there is no guarantee that the barbs will be donated to museums, but the museum is open to ideas.

“It’s something we can do and we’re not in a position to tell anyone exactly what it’s for,” she said, adding that the museum was also interested in other books that were also donated.

“We don’t necessarily want to get rid of the book as a property,” she added.

Hutton was inspired by the book by the same name, which is now housed at the National Library of Victoria.

It is currently on display alongside other books and manuscripts in the Victoria Library.

It was originally published in 1853 by the British Museum.

Its original publisher was Robert Burton, a poet and playwright.

He also wrote the novel The Black Cat, about a man who runs a barbers shop in the 18th century.

The title was inspired from the story of the Black Cat who was hunted and killed by the Black Dog.

The story has become an iconic figure in Victorian literature and culture.

The Black Dog is also known as the Black Goat, and can be seen in the title character of the novel.

The barbers chairs and lamp, as well as a set of Victorian-inspired glasses, were donated to Melbourne’s Royal Melbourne Hospital, which was also the first hospital to recognise the importance of Victorian culture.

Victoria is also home to a number of Victorian museums.

Among them are the Victorian Library, which opened in 1875 and houses the oldest surviving collection of rare books in Australia, dating back to 1789.

It houses the Victorian Collection of Books, a collection of manuscripts, books and artefacts dating back from the mid-18th century and dating back more than 100 years.