How to tell if an antique car is worth more than you think

The first time I walked into a car show in Australia, I thought it was a bargain.

The front of the car looked like it was from a vintage car show and it had no tags.

It had a vintage steering wheel and a few spare parts on it.

It looked like a good deal.

But then I saw the front fascia.

It was an antique sign, one of many in the showroom, showing off a car that was not in its original condition.

I knew it was something special.

Then, as I got closer to the show, I realised it was more than just a cheap piece of art.

It belonged to an old lady from New South Wales who died two years ago.

The first thing I did when I saw this sign was call the show’s owner.

He had been living in Australia for a while, and had been driving an antique caravan for a few years.

He explained that the sign had been sitting in his caravan for many years and he didn’t know how much it had sold for.

When I asked him what his family thought of the sign, he said he didn