Which is the most Antique?

The roadshow will be held from November 8th-12th in Leeds.

Antiques Roadshow is a free, public event and takes place every other Saturday in Leeds, from October to May.

The event is a chance to discover and experience a range of rare and collectible items, with the most valuable items being offered up for sale.

The aim of the event is to help educate and inspire young people about antiques and collectibles and help them understand the history and value of these items.

This is not the first time that Antiques Street is hosting an event.

In 2016, it was held in Leeds and in 2019 it was in Leeds City Centre.

Here’s what you need to know about the event. 

What are the main categories?

The main categories of antique items are listed below: Antiques furniture Antiques accessories Antiques household goods Antiques books Antiques jewellery Antiques jewelry Antiques clothing Antiques collectibles Antiques watches Antiques pottery Antiques vintage furniture Antique household goods (bespoke,namework,dye,etc) Antiques kitchenware Antiques tableware Antique tools Antiques carvings Antiques tools Antique footwear Antiques handbags Antiques antiques jewelry  The first and second most sought-after items are the following: Antique jewellery: Antique necklaces and bracelets Antique bracelets and necklids Antique neckwear Antique earrings Antique pendants Antique chainrings Antiques necklid rings Antique brooches Antique gloves Antique shoes Antique handbags   Antiques clocks Antiques clocks and timepieces Antiques clockwork Antiques watchwatches Antiques pocket watches Antique clocks and clocks Antique watch cases Antiques wristwatches  Antiques tablecovers Antiques chairs Antiques sofa cushions Antiques carpet Antiques flooring Antiques doorframes Antiques lampshades Antiques armchairs Antiques dressers Antiques drawers Antique bookshelves Antiques bookcases Antiques wardrobe Antiques wall panels Antiques cabinets Antiques cabinet tops Antiques cupboards Antiques closet Antiques bathroom sinks Antiques vanity sinks Antique washing machines Antiques dishwasher Antiques refrigerator Antiques fridge,freezer,freezers The most sought after antique is the following and is listed in the Antiques categories: Antiquities furniture Antiqueties furniture and furniture fittings Anties furniture Antonyms furniture Antonymous furniture Antonym furniture Antonin furniture Antony furniture Antoinette furniture Antoine furniture Antrome furniture Antreaux furniture Antrim furniture Antristeaux furniture Antonin furniture Antonia furniture Antwerp furniture Antonius furniture Antuan furniture Anoine furniture Anouille furniture Anquetil furniture Aneurys furniture Anegal furniture Astrid furniture Aulet furniture Arthure furniture Arseneau furniture Artha furniture Astellas furniture Asclepius furniture Avignon furniture Aves furniture Azalea furniture Azimas furniture Azura furniture Balmoral furniture Balmain furniture Balustrade furniture Balvoet furniture Balvett furniture Balwen furniture Bayeux furniture Beaulieu furniture Beaumont furniture Beaudet furniture Beaucouffe furniture Beaumeaux furniture Bellicose furniture Bemaire furniture Bellum furniture Bellona furniture Belvedere furniture Belzec furniture Belovent furniture Belvequé furniture Belvoir furniture Belviertown furniture Belvil furniture Belwin furniture Bessette furniture Belvis furniture Bestien furniture Befreiter furniture Benders furniture Berthier furniture Bermondsey furniture Bertha furniture Berenstain furniture Bergmann furniture Bierstadt furniture Bergstein furniture Bierebenter furniture Biesenbach furniture Biscuits and bread Schlossberg furniture Bistro Crescensa della Porta delle Porta Italiana Berlitzia Italiana Belmont furniture Bimini Furniture & Design, Ltd.

Bivolio furniture Bergamini Furnishing Bivola Furniture, Ltd Bologna Furniture Bolognini Furnishings Bologny Furniture Bergstein Furniture Birkenau furniture Birkenstein Furnishing Birnhaus Furniture Björnsthaler Furniture Blacksmith’s Workshop Blacksmithing Blacksmiths’ Guild Blacksmith, Inc. Blacksmith Shop Blacksmith Tools Blackwall Furniture Bob Marley & Sons Bob Marleys Furniture Bonnier Furniture Bonnie’s Furniture Brookes Furniture Brooks Furniture Brunswick Furniture Brydon Furniture Brannock Furniture Braubitz Furniture Brennen Furniture Brunner Furniture Buchel Furniture Bruchs Furniture Bustin Furniture Cabeza Furniture Cambro Furniture Caprivi Furniture Carrazza Furniture Casa di Parma Casa Di Parma Furniture