Antique bed frames are worth $1.4 billion, say Australian archaeologists

Australia’s oldest and most famous bed frames have been sold for $1,440,000.

Key points:Antique bed frame prices have fallen over the past decadeAntique beds have a reputation for being an essential item in Victorian homes, but they’re no longer sold for that valueThe value of antique bed frame has dropped over the yearsAntique Bed Frames are made of metal, wooden or brick, and often come with a protective coatingAntique antique furniture and antiques are increasingly being bought and sold at auctionAntique furniture can fetch as much as $1 millionAUD, with prices ranging from $1k to $25kAUD, they’ve been a luxury item for Victorian families since the Victorian era.

Auctioneer Michael Hutton said there was a “very good” demand for antique bedframes, with a buyer now willing to pay $1m.

“It’s just incredible.

It’s a great asset, it’s something that’s worth quite a lot of money,” he said.”

Antique objects are an important part of our history, they are an essential part of the Victorian experience.”

Mr Hutton was selling the oldest and largest antique bedframe ever, built by the Victorian government in 1875.

It’s an impressive piece of Victorian history that has been sitting in the family room since 1875, but it’s now being sold for a price that Mr Hutton described as “absolutely unbelievable”.

“I’ve got no idea where it’s been sitting for the last 20 years, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told the ABC.

“To see something that was so important in the history of the state of Victoria being sold by this private collector, I’ve got to say it’s quite a bit of a shock.”

Mr Hunt said it was an important piece of history for Victorian people.

“We have so much history in Victoria, but we have this piece of our past that we can’t sell, so it’s a little bit of the Victoria of old,” he explained.

“But, of course, it also speaks volumes for the future.”

Mr Hunt said he had had a lot interest from people wanting to buy the antique bed, but he was having a hard time getting them to come forward.

“You’ve got all these Victorian people, and I’m talking to a lot more of them than I have ever had before, asking me if they can come in and check it out,” he added.

“I’m just hoping to make a good impression and sell it for as much money as possible.”

The auctioneer said a lot had been invested into the bed, with people spending up to $500,000 to get a bed frame.

“This is the best one that we’ve had in years,” he noted.

“And I can’t say I’m surprised that this bed has sold for the most.”

People love antique beds, they just love the feeling of it.

“The seller said the sale would be open to the public.

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