Vintage furniture, antiques and photos in a new museum

When it comes to the preservation of antique furniture and antiques, New Jersey’s Museum of Art and History has the most to offer.

The museum’s collection spans more than 200,000 pieces of furniture, which includes antique wooden benches, antique kitchen cabinets and antique picture frames.

The museum has a huge collection of photographs that show people’s lives as they once were.

It has more than a thousand photographs of living people that have been preserved in the museum.

One of the pictures was taken by a woman named Sarah.

“She went out in her 20s and had this huge box of pictures of her friends,” said museum curator Barbara Crouch.

“And she thought she had something special, that she wanted to have.

She had this one picture of her dad in his wheelchair, and it just fascinated her.

And then it was taken and then it came back in the mail, and she had the pictures on the box.

And she kept looking at it and thinking, ‘I wonder what this picture was for?’

And then, oh, my God, the picture was a wooden table,” she said.

Crouch said the pictures show the women and men that lived their lives on a daily basis in a way that has been lost in time.

“What’s happening in New Jersey is people are doing this and this and that.

They’re just going out and looking and seeing the world in a different way,” she added.

The photos and the photos themselves are housed in a large and beautifully decorated space in the basement of the museum, where they are displayed and kept.

In the next few years, Crouch hopes to expand the collection, and bring it to a new level.

Curry is excited to have a collection like hers, which she said is so unique and wonderful.

She said she will continue to explore her personal collection and will continue learning and learning about her past.

Curious about the collection?

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