How to Save the ‘Aubergine’

“I had a dream about being a lawyer,” says Paul O’Neill, a former top executive of the company that brought him to the United States.

He went on to work at a boutique law firm and eventually rose to become one of its largest shareholders, a title he now holds for himself.

“I never thought I would be a billionaire.

I just dreamed about it.

And now I’m the owner of a successful business.

It’s a blessing.”

O’Neil is not the only person to claim to have achieved wealth through an investment in an antique warehouse.

A couple years ago, David Ewing, a retired corporate lawyer who has invested in warehouses, said that his fortune came from a deal he made in a vintage warehouse.

“My father gave me this thing when I was five years old,” he said.

“He gave me the idea that we would take over the whole thing.

And we did it.

The warehouse is now worth a lot of money.”

This story is part of a series exploring the world of investment in and investment in real estate.