Which antiques are you going to buy this weekend?

Antiques Roadshow returns to its roots this weekend with a full day of the most incredible finds and artifacts from around the world.

From vintage radios, pianos, guitars and more, the show has the perfect complement to the holiday season.

Antiques Road Show at The Museum of Art is on Friday, December 16, 2017 from 7:00pm to 10:00 pm.

Tickets are $10, and are available at Ticketmaster.

Tickets are also available at the following locations:Powell’s Arcade in Houston, 703-843-8500Powell and Sons in Dallas, 214-645-1290Culver City Antiques and Antiques Shoppe in Culver City, 310-822-7111Lincoln Square Antiques in New York City, 212-684-8860The Antiques Room in New Orleans, 504-862-0035The Antique & Art Show in Chicago, 312-443-0750Sale at The Antiques Gallery in San Francisco, 415-739-5500The Americana Museum in New Haven, CT, 203-444-1500Antique & Amp; Art in Seattle, 206-586-3300The New York Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in New Jersey, 800-869-3390The Museum of Modern Art in New Rochelle, NY, 212.742.0226The New Orleans Museum of Photography in New Yorks, 973-856-5010The Contemporary Art Gallery in Boston, MA, 617-522-6200The Whitney Museum of American Art in Los Angeles, CA, 323-826-4500The Contemporary Fine Arts Museum in Chicago at Lincoln Center, 312.895.2270The Contemporary Arts Museum of New York at The Armory in New Westminster, BC, 604-524-2400The Fine Art Gallery of Chicago at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, 312.-749.9977Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, 212.-744.2900Gibson Museum of Chicago, Chicago IL, 312.([email protected])